Dr. Willem Frankenhuis

Dr. Willem Frankenhuis is an associate professor of psychology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He studies the skills and abilities that develop in response to adversity, using a “hidden talents” approach to understand them. He became an Association for Psychological Science fellow in 2018 and received the APS Janet Taylor Spence Award for transformative early career contributions in 2019. The Jacobs Foundation awarded him an Early Career Research Fellowship 2018-2020.

Educational Resources:

  • Learning Check-In: After watching the video interview with Dr. Frankenhuis, students will answer reflection questions about it.

  • Website Review: Students will investigate Dr. Frankenhuis’s website to learn more about his research.

  • Article Analysis: Students will select a recent publication of Dr. Frankenhuis’s and create a PowerPoint presentation about it.

  • Recommended Courses: An extended list of courses that correspond with Dr. Frankenhuis’s video interview and his areas of expertise.

Dr. Frankenhuis's website

Representative Publications:

  • Frankenhuis, W. E., & Nettle, D. (2020). Current debates in human life history research. Evolution and Human Behavior. View article here

  • Frankenhuis, W. E., Young, E. S., & Ellis, B. J. (2020). The hidden talents approach: Theoretical and methodological challenges. Trends in Cognitive Sciences. View article here

  • Thomsen, L., Frankenhuis, W.E., Ingold-Smith, M., & Carey, S. (2011). Big and mighty: Preverbal infants mentally represent social dominance. Science, 331(6016), 477-480. View article here