Dr. Katherine (Katie) Ehrlich

Dr. Katherine (Katie) Ehrlich is an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Georgia. She takes an interdisciplinary approach to her research, with a particular interest in questions about risk and resilience, minority health disparities, and close relationships in adolescence. In 2019, Dr. Ehrlich received the Association for Psychological Science Janet Taylor Spence Award for transformative early career contributions. In 2020, she was awarded the 2020 American Psychological Association Distinguished Scientific Award for an early career contribution to psychology.

Educational Resources:

  • Learning Check-In: After watching the video interview with Dr. Ehrlich, students will answer reflection questions about it.

  • Website Review: Students will investigate Dr. Ehrlich’s website to learn more about her research.

  • Article Analysis: Students will select a recent publication of Dr. Ehrlich’s and create a PowerPoint presentation about it.

  • Recommended Courses: An extended list of courses that correspond with Dr. Ehrlich’s video interview and her areas of expertise.

Dr. Ehrlich's website

Representative Publications:

  • Oshri, A., Duprey, E.B., Liu, S., & Ehrlich, K.B. (2020). Harsh parenting and youth systemic inflammation: Modulation by the autonomic nervous system. Health Psychology, 39(6), 482. View article here

  • Ehrlich, K.B., Miller, G.E., Shalowitz, M., Story, R., Levine, C., Williams, D., ... & Chen, E. (2019). Secure base representations in children with asthma: Links with symptoms, family asthma management, and cytokine regulation. Child Development,[CA1] 90(6), e718-e728. View article here

  • Adam, E.K., Heissel, J.A., Zeiders, K.H., Richeson, J.A., Ross, E.C., Ehrlich, K.B., ... & Peck, S. C. (2015). Developmental histories of perceived racial discrimination and diurnal cortisol profiles in adulthood: A 20-year prospective study. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 62, 279-291. View article here