Dr. Kenneth (Ken) Rubin

Dr. Kenneth (Ken) Rubin is a professor of human development at the University of Maryland, where he studies child and adolescent social and emotional development. Dr. Rubin’s research examines peer and parent-child relationships, and anxious-withdrawal and aggression from a cross-cultural perspective. Dr. Rubin is a fellow of the American and Canadian Psychological Associations, the Association of Psychological Science, and the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development. Dr. Rubin has received many awards and honors. Most recently, he was honored with the 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development.

Educational Resources:

  • Learning Check-In: After watching the video interview with Dr. Rubin, students will answer reflection questions about it.

  • Website Review: Students will investigate Dr. Rubin's website to learn more about his research.

  • Article Analysis: Students will select a recent publication of Dr. Rubin’s and create a PowerPoint presentation about it.

  • Recommended Courses: An extended list of courses that correspond with Dr. Rubin’s video interview and his areas of expertise.

Dr. Rubin's website

Representative Publications:

  • Novick, D.R., Smith, K A., Barstead, M.G., Danko, C.M., Rubin, K.H., Druskin, L., ... & Chronis-Tuscano, A. (2020). Predictors and moderators of parent engagement in early interventions for behaviorally inhibited preschool-aged children. Evidence-Based Practice in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, 1-16. View article here

  • Parker, J.G., Rubin, K.H., Erath, S.A., Wojslawowicz, J.C., & Buskirk, A.A. (2006). Peer relationships, child development, and adjustment: A developmental psychopathology perspective. In D. Cicchetti & D. J. Cohen (Eds.), Developmental psychopathology: Theory and method (p. 419–493). John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

  • Rubin, K.H. (2002). The friendship factor. New York: Viking.