Dr. György Buzsáki

Dr. György Buzsáki is the Biggs Professor of Neural Sciences at the NYU Neuroscience Institute, New York University. His primary research interests include the mechanisms of memory, sleep, and associated diseases. At the annual convention of the Association for Psychological Science in 2020, Dr. Buzsáki delivered the Fred Kavli Keynote Address. He is among the most-cited neuroscientists and received the Brain Prize in 2011.

Educational Resources:

  • Learning Check-In: After watching the video interview with Dr. Buzsáki, students will answer reflection questions about it.

  • Website Review: Students will investigate Dr. Buzsáki’s website to learn more about his research.

  • Article Analysis: Students will select a recent publication of Dr. Buzsáki’s and create a PowerPoint presentation about it.

  • Recommended Courses: An extended list of courses that correspond with Dr. Buzsáki’s video interview and his areas of expertise.

Dr. Buzsáki's website

Representative Publications:

  • Buzsáki, G. (2020). The Brain–Cognitive Behavior Problem: A Retrospective. Eneuro, 7(4). View article here

  • Buzsáki, G., & Draguhn, A. (2004). Neuronal oscillations in cortical networks. Science, 304(5679), 1926-1929. View article here

  • Buzsáki, G. (2019). The brain from inside out. Oxford University Press.